How do I connect my Blackberry to the ESU wireless network?
1. You will need to verify that your Wi-Fi connection is enabled
2. Click on the Blackberry button
3. Browse to "Manage Connections"
4. Ensure that the checkbox next to "Wi-Fi" is checked
5. Click on "Set Up Wi-Fi Network"
6. If you are prompted with an instruction window, click "Next"
7. Click to "Scan for Networks"
8. From the list, click on "ESU"
9. Ensure that the security type is "PEAP" (it should be by default)
10. Enter your BuzzIn username
11. Enter your BuzzIn password
12. For the CA Certificate, choose "Equifax Secure Certificate Authentication"
13. Change the Inner link security to "EAP-MS-CHAP v2"
14. Click "Connect"

You should now be connected to the ESU Wireless Network.