How can I connect my Mac that has an operating system version of OSX 10.4.9 and below, to the ESU Wireless Network on campus?
Emporia State University Wireless Quick Start Setup Guide (MAC OSX 10.4.9 and below)
NOTE: All Photos Referenced are attached at the end of this document

1. Select the Airport Icon in the Upper Menu Bar (Photo 1)

2. Select the network called “ESU” in all uppercase. (Photo 2)

3. A dialog box will be displayed: “The selected AirPort network requires a password to
join.” (Photo 3)
     a. Enter your ESU User Name (used for email, Buzz In)
     b. Enter your Password
     c. Leave the 802.1x Configuration field to Automatic
     d. Click OK
          i. NOTE: There is an option that asks “Remember password in my
             keychain”. Use this option if you so desire.

4. You will now see the Verify Certificate screen. (Photo 4) You have Two options here:
     a. Option 1: Click Continue and Skip to Step 5.
          i. Note: Choosing Option 1 will cause you to be presented with the Verify
             Certificate screen each time you connect. To bypass this screen, select
             Option 2
     b. Option 2: Click Show Certificate (Photo 5)
          i. You will now be presented with an expanded version of the Verify
             Certificate screen.
          ii. Select the Arrow next to “Trust Settings” in the lower portion of the
         iii. In the drop down box next to “When using this certificate” select the
             option “Always Trust”. Doing this will cause the Verify Certificate screen
              to not re-appear during future login attempts.
         iv. Click Continue

Congratulations. You should now be connected to the Emporia State University Wireless Network.  If you have any questions or problems, please contact the TCS HelpDesk at 341-5555.
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