How can I connect my iPad device to the ESU Wireless Network on campus?
Connecting my iPad Device to the ESU Wireless Network.
NOTE All Screenshots referenced in this document are attached at the end of the FAQ
1) Click on the Settings Icon.(Screenshot1)

2) Select Wi-Fi from the menu on the left, then select ESU from the list of networks on the right.(Screenshot2)

3) Enter your username and password.  This is the same username and password as you use for Buzz In.  After you’ve entered your username and password, click Join on the keyboard. (Screenshot3)

4)A security certificate will come up at this point.  Click Accept on the certificate. You should now be connected to the ESU Wireless Network.(Screenshot4)

NOTE:  The Apple iPad will save your credentials on the device (which means it will not prompt you for a username and password each time you connect to the ESU Wireless Network). Because of this, TCS asks that you lock your device using the built-in screen lock feature,  to comply with ESU security policy.

NOTE: Because the Apple iPad saves your credentials to your device, you will have to manually disconnect from the ESU Wireless Network (using the “Forget this Network” function) each time you change your ESU password. Please remember that, by ESU security policy, you are required to change your password every 180 days.

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