Why cant I get into OnBase?  Whenever I click on the OnBase Autologin link located at: http://emporia.edu/onbase I  get a box asking me to sign in or one telling me the Active X controller has not installed or has failed.
This information below, along with addtional docmention and self help info, can also be found at:

1) Open Internet Explorer.
2) Set up security and privacy settings:
a. Click on the Gear Icon in the upper right corner("Tools Menu")
b. Click Internet Options and click the SECURITY tab.
c. Click on TRUSTED SITES then click the SITES button.
d. Uncheck "require server verification", type *.emporia.edu in the "Add this website" area and click ADD.
e. Click CLOSE.
f. Now click on CUSTOM LEVEL then scroll down to the MISCELLANEOUS section and select ENABLE for the "Access data sources across domains" and "Display mixed content" options.
g. scroll all the way down to User Authentication section and choose the "Automatic Logon with current user name and password" option.
h. Click OK.
i. If prompted: "Are you sure you want to change?" click YES.
j. Click the PRIVACY tab.
k. If the Pop-Up blocker is ENABLED, click the SETTINGS button.
l. In the field "Address of website to allow:", enter *.emporia.edu then click ADD.
m. Click CLOSE and click OK.

3) Go to https://esuobweb.emporia.edu/appnet/ClientSetup.aspx and follow the instructions.

If you are still having trouble please contact the IT Help Desk at 620-341-5555 or email them at helpdesk@emporia.edu.